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Limbo: The return of Iñarritu to Mexico.

Alejandro González Iñárritu returns to Mexico to film his new feature film Limbo, promising a representation of modern Mexico. It is the first large-scale feature film to return to the country after the great pause resulting from the pandemic.

The filming of Limbo started in the streets surrounding Francisco I. Madero, the streets became the recording set for González Iñarritu and countless extras from the Julio Toledo Extras agency gathered at the locations as part of the scene.

Part of the filming of Limbo took place in Ahualulco, San Luis Potosí, on March 15 of this year, the official website of the Ahualulco City Council published a call for the residents to participate in the cinematographic work of Iñarritu.

Julio Toledo casting director has announced the great success obtained to summon extras to be part of this film, in which men and women between 18 and 29 years of age have been selected.

For the great cinematographic production, strict sanitary measures were carried out to protect all the assistants and members of the staff.